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The Davis Lectures Series


 Grace Baptist Church started the lectures series in 2002 to offer the community a concentrated study of scripture that includes current topics, serious inquiry and honest dialogue.  Dr. Richard T. Davis, a retired minister and chaplain from Durham, led the first series.  In honor of his efforts and commitment to the endeavor, the congregation named the series for him and his wife - the Richard and Barbara Davis Lectures Series.

Since that time, the following speakers have participated:

2003    Phyllis Trible, professor and author

2004    Ken Sehested, activist, minister and author

2005    Charles Page, archeologist/historian, minister and author

2006    Charles Kimball, professor and author

2007    Mary McClintock Fulkerson, professor and author

2008    Steve Shoemaker, author and minister

2009    Greg Snyder, professor and author

2010    Nancy Hastings Sehested, preacher, storyteller and prison chaplain

2011    John Dominic Crossan, professor and author

2012    James M. Dunn and Melissa Rogers, professors and authors

2013    Lauren Winner, author and minister

2014    James Tabor, archeologist, professor and author

2015    Tim Tyson, professor and author

2016    Judith Schindler, rabbi and professor

2017    Steve Shoemaker, author, minister and professor

2018   Nancy Hastings Sehested, minister, storyteller and teacher

2019   Dr. Gary West, teacher, preacher, and storyteller

Funding for The Davis Lectures Series is provided through donations and special gifts from various individuals.  If you would like to contribute to this program, please make checks to Grace Baptist Church and designate the Davis Lectures Series on the check.